Driving with an Oldtimer in the historical city Istanbul becomes an unforgettable experience. During this tour you will feel like a king and you will be seen by locals as there are also true lovers of classic cars in Turkey.

The Association of Istanbul Oldtimers organizes each year a parade of Oldtimers. This parade is organized on April 23 (the creation of the Turkish Republic in 1920) May 19 (the start of the war of independence in 1919) August 30 (Victory in the Turkish War of Independence in 1922).

This colourfull parade starts from the Asian Continent and finishes on the European Continent. More than 100 Oldtimers join this parade. This is definitally a must see parade for the true lovers of Oldtimers.



Oximus Travel also organizes a tour with Oldtimers. If you have booked the tour with us, you will first be picked up in the morning by your tour guide with an Oldtimer and than start the tour. First you will see the most famous highlights on the historical peninsula like the Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia and the City Walls. After, you will drive on to the Bosphorus and cross the Bosphorus bridge. So, this means that you will see the both continents. At the end of the day the guide will drop you off with the Oldtimer at the hotel.