The Black Sea region occupies 18 percent of the total area of Turkey with its 141.000 square kilometers of land. This northern coastal region has a steep and rocky coast. It is very mountainous and it is heavily forested and rich in fauna and flora, while the highest parts of the mountains are covered with alpine meadows, glacier lakes and glaciers with over 7.000 species of plants. And the city Trabzon is de biggest city in the region and it has an area of 4,664 km2. Trabzon has a lot to offer a visitor. During this four day tours we will discover the beauties of the region.





Pick up from Trabzon Airport and drive to the hotel. After a short break in the hotel we will start our tour with the

most important highlight, the Sumela Monastry. The mysterious Greek Orthodox Monastry of the Virgin Mary

The church was founded in the 4th century AD. The monastry is situated high above evergreen forests and

a rushing mountain stream. The region is also known with its 25 caves and we will visit the most known, the

Karaca Cave. This cave has therapeutic effects for sufferers of asthma and respiratory problems. The day will

continiue with a coffeehouse in Zigana. Return to the hotel and overnight in Trabzon.




We will start the day with a visit to the Kostakis Theofylaktos Mansion, Trabzon Museum. This mansion was

built by banker Kostaki Theofylaktos between 1889-1913 as a large family accommodation. The architects were

Italian and the materials of the building was imported from Italy. During the Independence war of the Turks it was

used as one of the headquarters. The mansion is one of the most beautiful examples of civil architecture of that

time. The museum houses a bronze Hermes statue, Hellenistic and Roman-period bronze, clay and glassware.After

our visit by the museum we will drive along the Black Sea coast and arrive in Uzungöl. A lake up in the mountains

and 99 km far from the city Trabzon. The lake is 1000 m long, 500m in width and 15m in depht. Uzungöl is

surrounded by forests and it has an interesting vieuw with the village houses around it. This wonderfull lake

is surrounded completely by forests. The lake attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists because of its

magnificent beauty. Return to the hotel and overnight in Trabzon.




On the third day of our tour we will have a trekking in the Ayder plateau and the Fırtına Valley which is known

with its craggy topography and rich flora and fauna. We will also visit the Zil Castle. The castle was built during the

reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian.This is an important historical structure of the Rize province in the Black

Sea region of Turkey. The castle is located rockypeak inside the forest. The castle is at an attidute of 750 meters

from the sea and 100 meters up the river bank. Zil Castle was situated on the historical Silk Road. The region is

also famous with its waterfalls so we will also see one of them. Return to the hotel and overnight in Trabzon.




The most important highlight of the day is the Hagia Sophia (Church of Divine Wisdom) Museum. It was first built

as a church between 1238 and 1263 and after the Ottoman conquest it was converted to a mosque in 1461.

The church is known with its best-preserved frescoes of various biblical themes. We will also visit the Atatürk Pavilion.

This beautiful pavilion was built in 1913 and Atatürk's belongings and photographs are also exhibited here.

After the lunch we will see the Sera Lake which is another highlight in Trabzon. The lake was formed after a

heavy precipitation in 1950, when big rock fragments fell and filled certain parts of the valley bottom. The tour will

end with the Boztepe Hill which is famous with its panoramic vieuw on the city Trabzon. Time to say 'Good Bye'

and transfer to the airport.